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Capturing Wealth's True Potentialâ„¢

What important things do your assets enable you to do?

Support your family? Fulfill a dream? Provide for the next generation?

At harrigan | teegarden Private Wealth Advisors, we begin every client relationship by understanding your specific answers to these essential life questions.

Next, we call on our innovative spirit and reserve of financial expertise in investments, retirement, life insurance, taxes, charitable giving, estate planning and more to design the right balance for you.

We then source the best-of-the-best financial planning solutions and products for your personal goals and desires. While many wealth management firms say they can access all of the best products, our independent structure means we truly can draw on a broader spectrum of superior options.

It's our commitment to personalized tailoring from a broader spectrum of choices that yields refreshingly better financial stewardship opportunities for you and your family. We stand for simplifying the complex and uncovering your Wealth's True Potential™.



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