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Popcorn anyone?

December 11, 2015
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How do you eat $1,500 worth of popcorn? One bite at a time!

(Anthony Harrigan, Carson Renjilian, and Jim Teegarden with a lot of popcorn)

For the second year in a row, we are supporting the local Boy Scouts of Boulder, Colorado. The Boy Scouts of America have been providing opportunities for boys to learn life skills for years. Self-support is a reoccurring value practiced annually through the Scouts' popcorn sale and all proceeds go to supporting the Boy Scouts program.

The popcorn proceeds are used to purchase equipment, fund camping excursions, and college scholarships. Read more about how Scouting is funded here.

Carson Renjilian of Boulder's Boy Scout Troop 78 delivered this year's popcorn. Visit their website to get popcorn for your next movie night and support Troop 78!

The way we see it is that we are really making a donation to scouting, and the popcorn is thrown in as a free gift. Let the eating begin!

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